PreDia - Healthy Blood Sugar Support - ABA (Abscisic Acid + Chromium)

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PreDia® Healthy Blood Sugar Support - ABA (Abscisic Acid + Chromium) is a dietary supplement for people who have prediabetes & metabolic syndrome. Often diet and exercise is needed to combat these conditions. Now, PreDia® is also there to help when you need it most. Powered by GSECM-50™ a source of the scientifically proven dosage of Abscisic Acid (ABA) made of Grape seed extract, chromium and magnesium. PreDia® has been scientifically proven to reduce the typical markers associated with both prediabetes and metabolic syndrome when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

PreDia®, is available in a one month 30 ct. bottle, where you take 1 caplet per day, making it a convenient once-a-day dosage.

9 Reviews

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    It seems to really work!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 20th 2021

    Using product to stabilize pre-diabetes BS levels and have been seeing positive results, have tried many other brands/products and this seem to be the most effective product I have tried. Recommend this product.

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    It helped curb my appetite for sweets a bit and my energy level increased

    Posted by Deborah Scott on Sep 20th 2021

    I liked it very much.. it seemed to help curb my appetite for sweets somewhat.. I bought it because I am pre diabetic and that it had magnesium and chromium in it. It’s a little expensive for only 30 pills.

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    It works

    Posted by Ziggy on Sep 20th 2021

    It keeps my sugar in fairly good control. After 6 weeks, my A1C went down by 0.3 points without changing my diet or exercise regimens.

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    Amazing Product

    Posted by Leslie on Sep 20th 2021

    The name stands for PreDia-betic and my doctor recommended it because my blood sugar was too high. Not only did it help that, but it lowered my blood pressure, too. My blood pressure wasn't that high, but I had always been the very low range and normal and as I got older it did go up, so I was pleased this product brought it down.