What is PreDia® What is PreDia®

Blood Sugar Management for a Healthy Heart

Overview Of PreDia®

PreDia introduces a full line of products tailored to address the health needs of people facing high blood sugar levels and those proactively seeking to maintain a healthy heart. Our comprehensive line of products aims to empower individuals to manage their blood sugar levels and support cardiovascular well-being.

  • Bloog Sugar Management

    Maintaining Healthy levels

  • Helps with Heart Health

    Promotes healthy Cholestrol & Triglyceride levels*

  • Helps with Weight Management

    Helps reduce Body Mass Index(BMI)*

  • Chromium & Magnesium Options

    For Healthy Blood Sugar & Heart Health

  • Goes well with Diet & Exercise

    Diet + Exercise + PreDia

  • No Prescription Needed

    With No Side Effects*

Know The Facts


Million American adults have elevated blood sugar levels

That is 1 out of 3 American adults

9 out of 10 don't know they are at risk

Elevated blood sugar levels

  • High blood pressure (hypertension)

  • High triglyceride levels

  • Low levels of HDL (good) cholestrol

*PreDia is not intended to treat or cure any diseases

Healthy Blood Sugar = Healthy Heart

Blood sugar levels and heart health are closely related due to several connecting factors. Elevated blood sugar levels can put individuals at an increased risk of developing serious health issues. The connection between blood sugar levels and heart health lies in the shared risk factors and underlying mechanisms. With PreDia, we aim to empower individuals to manage their blood sugar levels and support cardiovascular well-being."


  • PreDia is great!

    I started taking PreDia about six months ago. At that time my sugar was 6...borderline diabetic. I take it faithfully every morning at least 20 minutes before breakfast. Yesterday I went to the doctor and my sugar is 5.7!! I am overjoyed! It made my day! So, yes I recommend PreDia...it's definitely helped me!

    Ann Hallum
  • Amazing Product

    The name stands for PreDia-betic and my doctor recommended it because my blood sugar was too high. Not only did it help that, but it lowered my blood pressure, too. My blood pressure wasn't that high, but I had always been the very low range and normal and as I got older it did go up, so I was pleased this product brought it down.


Diet + Exercise + PreDia®

  • Diet



    If you change the way you eat,your risk of developing diabetes and other serious complications will decrease significantly! Lifestyle modification has a huge impact and will improve insulin sensitivity of the cells and reduce blood sugar levels.

  • Exercise



    Exercise is fundamental to your health. Along with a good diet, exercise can also help decrease insulin levels. Working out helps cells utilize sugar to produce energy and utilize sugar for storage. This results in lower blood sugar levels.

  • PreDia®



    PreDia® complements a healthy diet and exercise routine by providing additional support through its patented ABA formulation. It helps lower blood sugar levels independent of insulin and gets you back to the healthy range. PreDia® is your over-the-counter choice for all your blood sugar management needs.

Diet + Exercise + PreDia®

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PreDia® work?

PreDia® is a dietary supplement that along with diet and exercise can help reduce blood sugar levels and bring them back to a healthy range. PreDia® works by helping to reduce the presence of sugar in the blood while helping to save your insulin.

Our unique and patent pending dosage of Abscisic acid (ABA) reduces blood sugar levels after a meal independent of insulin. In other words, PreDia® helps reduce the glucose in the blood independent of insulin (where normally it is needed to reduce the blood sugar). Bydoing this, not only is insulin saved, but the pancreas no longer produces excess insulin, thus helping to stop insulin resistance. Studies have confirmed this by showing that the dose of ABA contained in PreDia® can replace the insulin action by stimulating the skeletal muscle glucose uptake. The ability of saving insulin secretion to control glycemia represents the most important function of PreDia®.*

Do I need to speak to my doctor before taking PreDia®?

Although PreDia® is safe and it is not a drug, as with any nutritional product please consult your physician before taking it. This would allow your physician to place PreDia's information in context to your unique conditions.

How long do I need to take PreDia® before I see any results?

Considering the results obtained in the clinical study performed with PreDia®, it is suggested to take it for at least 3 months. During this time, to achieve optimal results, you must combine PreDia® with a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and an exercise routine.

What makes PreDia® different than others?

PreDia® is different than other products available for blood sugar management because PreDia® contains the clinically proven dosage of abscisic acid (ABA). Thanks to ABA, PreDia® helps lower blood sugar levels independent of insulin, helping to lower the chance of insulin resistance which is the major contributing factor to type 2 diabetes..

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Try risk free for 30 days with this money back guarantee. See why so many people are now relying on PreDia®.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee